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The DFS Guys - a team of semi-pro DFS players - provide expert NFL lineups geared towards cash games and tournaments. Let a trusted, experienced, and proven NFL lineup provider do the hard work so that you don't have to - it's that simple.

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Cash Game Lineups

Geared towards 50/50s, Double-Ups and Head-to-heads
These lineups are designed with a high floor, and include well-balanced and "safe" plays. Typically, in NFL cash games, the goal is to simply finish in the money -- not finish 1st. Knowing that, we target players that have great opportunity to put up a solid game and place us in the money.

Tournament Lineups

Geared towards contests with a top-heavy payout structure
In tournaments, the top 20% win cash, with a 1st place grand prize. We're shooting for the moon here, so expect to see players with a high ceiling, chance to have a huge game, and relatively low ownership among other DFS players. This boom-or-bust strategy is the way you have to approach tournaments in daily fantasy.

Replacement Options

Interchange players among our tournament lineups
Our main lineups are centered around the tournament lineups we post for subscribers, but the replacement options cover the rest of the players that we have medium exposure to. This is a great way to differentiate yourself, create your own lineups, and enter several more lineups into the large FanDuel / DraftKings tournaments.

Updates & Lineup Changes

Quick and responsive updates via Twitter (@TheDFSGuys)
Game time decisions create a huge dynamic in daily fantasy NFL, which makes it crucial to be alert and prepare for replacements on Sunday mornings. You can expect us to be alert and update you very quickly when needed.

Quick FAQ

Sport: NFL

Slate: the Sunday-only main slate, for both FanDuel and DraftKings. This slate is the "big" NFL slate, which has the largest types of contests (meaning bigger prizes). Also, this is the slate that we have historically had the most success on, which is why we recommend putting 100% of your pre-determined money each week towards the Sunday main slate. (Note: we do not cover 2 game slates, due to small size and limited options)

  • Cash Games: 1-3 lineups. This will likely vary each week, depending on the amount of players we want to have exposure to.
  • Tournaments: 5-7 lineups. Same with cash games -- it will often vary week-to-week.
NO, and there is nobody that can make that guarantee. In fact, within any given time frame, nobody can guarantee profit - especially within only one NFL season (you typically need 80-100 days for the numbers to average out, which would be 4-5 NFL seasons). There is luck involved in daily fantasy sports, but when using the right research, strategies and techniques, you are putting yourself at a much higher chance to profit in the long run. That is exactly the value we deliver to you.


Bankroll Management Guide

This will set out to accomplish two things:

  1. Help determine what type of player you are: cash game, tournament, or cash game + tournament
  2. Contest selection and bankroll allocation for:
    • Cash game players
    • Tournament players
    • Cash game + tournament players

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