Frequently Asked Questions


I just signed up and paid - how do I access the lineups?

After your complete your order, be on the lookout for an activation email -- which should arrive shortly after purchase. This will include your unique access URL, which you will use for the duration of your subscription. There is no login - simply click on the access URL each time you wish to view the lineups. Make sure to check your spam inbox, and save this email/URL for future use.

Which DFS sites do you cover?

FanDuel and DraftKings.

Which sport and which slate do you guys cover?

Sport: NFL

Slate: the Sunday-only main slate, for both FanDuel and DraftKings. This slate is the "big" NFL slate, which has the largest types of contests (meaning bigger prizes). Also, this is the slate that we have historically had the most success on, which is why we recommend putting 100% of your pre-determined money each week towards the Sunday main slate. (Note: we do not cover 2 game slates, due to small size and limited options)

How many lineups do you provide and what types of lineups are they?

  • Cash Games: 1-3 lineups. This will likely vary each week, depending on the amount of players we want to have exposure to.
  • Tournaments: 4-8 lineups. Same with cash games -- it will often vary week-to-week.

What are cash games and tournaments?

  • Cash games are 50/50s, H2Hs and Double Ups. We recommend sticking to mostly 50/50s.
  • Tournaments are the large, top-heavy contests that only pay out to the top ~20%. First place receives the largest prize, followed by second place, third place, etc.

When are lineups posted?

Early in the morning, several hours prior to kickoff. This will allow for plenty of time to insert our lineups into your contests (we recommend reserving entries well in-advance to the weekend). Make sure to check out the question below: "How do you prevent customers from entering into the same contests with the same lineup?"

Which lineups should I play and which contests should I enter?

It depends on the type of contests you like to play. Some players enter cash games only, some enter tournaments only, and some enter both. We play cash games and tournaments ourselves. Most of the time, we'll post multiple cash game lineups (and always multiple tournament lineups). We always recommend playing each cash game equally, and each tournament lineup equally. However, if you are a cash game AND tournament player, this does NOT mean all lineups equally.

For cash game and tournament players, we recommend playing 90% of your money towards our cash game lineups (for example - if we post 2 cash game lineups, you should play each one at 45%) and 10% towards each tournament lineup equally (so if we post 5 tournament lineups, that's 2% for each one).

Do you provide updates and lineup changes?

Absolutely, if needed. Make sure to monitor our Twitter feed (@TheDFSGuys) and consider turning on mobile notifications for our tweets on Sunday mornings (simply go to our Twitter profile, tap the gear icon, and select "turn on notifications"). This is the fastest and easiest way for us to deliver updates and lineup changes to you.

Is my subscription recurring?

Nope. We don't want to charge customers who may forget to cancel their subscription (we've all been there). A separate purchase is needed if you want to re-subscribe.

Are your lineups guaranteed to cash out?

NO, and there is nobody that can make that guarantee. In fact, within any given time frame, nobody can guarantee profit - especially within only one NFL season (you typically need 80-100 days for the numbers to average out, which would be 4-5 NFL seasons). There is luck involved in daily fantasy sports, but when using the right research, strategies and techniques, you are putting yourself at a much higher chance to profit in the long run. That is exactly the value we deliver to you.

What is your win percentage?

Our combined win percentage throughout the last 3 NFL seasons is 63% in cash games. This is right around where small to mid-level professional DFS players are cashing out at. With only 20 weekends in one NFL season, results may easily deviate away from that win percentage. However, over the next 4-5 NFL seasons, we expect it to average out around 63%.

It's important to understand that a meaningful win percentage that best reflects skill is one that has a large sample size (at least 80 days). This is because results can heavily vary in small time frames, such as one month. For example: if you win 60% of the time throughout an entire year for one sport (or multiple seasons for NFL), would you expect that win percentage within a one-month (4 weekend) time frame? The answer is no, and in fact, it will most likely be off by at least 10 percentage points. Everyone hits hot and cold streaks at different times and for different time lengths - even the most successful and experienced D​FS players.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for lineups due to under-performing players.

I used your lineups from last weekend and they didn't cash out - what happened?

It's very important to understand the high amount of volatility in daily fantasy sports - which refers to the variance and randomness that leads unpredictability (to a certain degree). This concept is easier to understand in smaller and shorter time frames - such as one or two weekends of NFL.

Volatile results in short time frames cause many people to believe they made bad picks in the event of them losing in their contests - when in reality, their lineup under-performed. It does not mean they were bad picks or the wrong picks.

​Bottom line: just because a lineup under-performs does not mean it was poorly constructed, and it does not mean the person who built the lineup lacks skill. A much larger sample size is needed to get a better picture of DFS skill.

How do you prevent customers from entering the same contests with the same lineup?

We recommend the following system for entering contests:

Cash Games:

  • Last names A-H should enter cash games between Monday and Wednesday
  • Last names I-Q should enter cash games between Thursday and Friday
  • Last names R-Z should enter cash games between Saturday and Sunday morning


Most of these contests remain open throughout the entire week -- unlike cash games, which fill up quickly and new ones are always appearing. Therefore, we recommend using some of our replacement options that we include for tournaments. That way, you can help differentiate yourself from others and prevent duplicate lineups. However, there's nothing stopping you from using our main tournament lineups. We just want to offer alternative options.